I own a couple of different properties that I rent out to tenants in the local area, and although I have had very few problems with my tenants, there are the rare occasions in which I have to evict someone for doing something in the home that is completely unacceptable.  Recently, I discovered that one of my tenants was running a meth lab in the home that I was renting to them, and so I immediately evicted them from the home.  Of course, dealing with the home from that point on was not anything that I had any experience with, and I was afraid that if I went in to clean it out myself, I would end up exposing myself to certain chemicals that could be hazardous to my health.  That is the exact reason why I decided I needed to call a company that could handle hazmat cleanup in clarksburg.

This was all new to me, and all I knew was that I did not want to be exposed to whatever they had been doing in that house, but I also needed to make sure that it was completely cleaned out and restored so that I might be able to put it back out on the rental market.  Thankfully, I found a company that specializes in hazmat cleanup, and so they were able to go out to the house, with full-body suits and everything, and get it cleaned out right away in order to makes sure that the house could be restored and rented out again.

I have now put the house back up for rent, and I am hoping that someone might end up renting it soon so that I can get that revenue back.  I wish I had not had to deal with this, but I am glad it is over.