Who are you? Where did you really come from? Why are you like you are? Why is your life following the path it is? These are all big questions that I am sure many of you ask yourself just as I do on a regular basis. When things happen in your life you wonder why you? Well, I did anyway and I often still do.

After one particular turbulent patch in my life I was looking for answers. I searched online for anything that could help me understand why certain things were happening and what I could do to change the course of events. I can across an absolutely amazing website that helped me gain clarity into why I am the person I am today. The helped me understand my path in life by assisting me with past life regression. I understand now why I am destined to experience certain things over and over until I myself make a change to deviate from that path. There is a lesson I must learn in order to change the events going forward and in next lives.

The soul coaching I received from the very professional and experienced Sharon was a lesson that will live with me for the rest of this life.

Besides helping me to tune into my own psychic abilities, she really helped me to understand myself on a more spiritual level. She showed me how it is possible to heal myself in many ways. Ailments are often manifested through inner turmoil and strife and learning to deal with that in the appropriate ways alleviates physical effects that you feel as sickness, headaches, pains and that sort of thing.

I too was not really clued up on this kind of thing and in some cases really thought it was a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, however, this is definitely not the case. I came to understand that it is those things we fear confronting the most that are causing issues in our lives and learning to deal with them will enlighten you, make your path less turbulent and help you to understand the real you.